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What Is the Ursa Membership? 

The Ursa Membership is an optional monthly or yearly paid subscription to help support our mission to create outstanding audio short fiction from some of today’s most thrilling writers, with an emphasis on spotlighting underrepresented voices. 

When you become an Ursa Member, you’ll get access to ad-free listening for our podcasts, as well as exclusive bonus episodes. 

How Do I Sign Up? 

You can join by going to, or you can also subscribe directly in Apple Podcasts

How Much Does It Cost? 

The Ursa Membership is $5 per month or $50 per year. 

If you’d like to contribute more to help fund our shows, you can do that too. Just go to and choose any monthly or yearly amount. 

Can I Try It for Free? 

Yes! Every membership comes with a three-day free trial before your paid membership begins. 

What Are the Member Exclusives? 

Currently we offer a private, members-only podcast feed that offers ad-free listening and special, once-a-month bonus podcast episodes. We hope to offer even more exclusives to Members in the future. 

You can access your Member Exclusives podcast episodes in Apple Podcasts (if you subscribed there), or at

Can I Get Episode Transcripts for the Member Exclusives? 

Yes! If you’ve signed up for the membership on our website, just type[the episode number] (e.g. and sign in to access the full transcript and show notes. 

If you’ve joined via Apple Podcasts, it’s a little trickier, but we’re hoping to have a better fix soon. For now, send us an email ( with a screenshot of your Apple subscription receipt (go to Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions) and we’ll get you added to the site’s membership. 

How Do I Change or Cancel My Membership? 

If you’ve signed up here at our website, you can manage your membership here

If you joined via Apple Podcasts, go to the Settings on your phone, select your name at the top of the screen, then select “Subscriptions.” 

Can I Gift Someone a Membership? 

Definitely. You can do that right here. 

Gift Memberships are $50 and give the giftee Member Exclusive access for one year. Gift Memberships do not auto-renew. 

I Don’t Have Money to Support You Right Now. Is That Okay Too? 

Absolutely! You can also support us in other ways, like by sharing the show with your friends and followers, or by writing a nice review and comment in Apple Podcasts, or a starred rating in Spotify. 

No matter what, we’re happy to have you as a reader and listener. 

I Have Another Question That’s Not Answered Here

Send us an email at, and we can do our best to help.