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New Ursa Audio Story: ‘Fog,’ by Cleyvis Natera

Hi friends,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. On our latest episode of Ursa Short Fiction, author Cleyvis Natera debuts her original short story, “Fog.” It’s the story of a worker at a Dominican resort who caters to high-end clients and must confront the choices he’s made to elevate his status and seek a different life for himself.

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Then come back next week for Dawnie Walton and Deesha Philyaw’s conversation with Natera about the origins of “Fog,” as well as her recently released debut novel, Neruda on the Park, published in May by Ballantine Books.

“Fog” is edited by Dawnie Walton and performed by Alberto “Mojo” Peña, with music and sound design by Alexis Adimora, illustrations by Bex Glendining, and audio engineering by Deon Vozov (LA Voiceover). Ursa executive producers are Dawnie Walton and Mark Armstrong.

Coming Soon: Ask Deesha and Dawnie Anything…

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