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Member Exclusive: Deesha’s 7-Figure Book Deal, Listener Questions

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Hello friends!

This week we’re excited to share a very special episode of Ursa Short Fiction — a Member Exclusive in which Dawnie Walton chats with Deesha Philyaw about this week’s big news: Deesha has just signed a seven-figure book deal with Mariner Books for a new novel, THE TRUE CONFESSIONS OF FIRST LADY FREEMAN, and a short story collection, GIRL, LOOK. The novel is due out in 2025. 

We wanted to celebrate Deesha’s news with as many people as possible, so we’re making the first portion of the show free for everyone: 

Ursa Members can log in to get the full one-hour episode, with more from Deesha and Dawnie, including listener questions! Thanks to Meilan Carter-Gilkey, Elizabeth Tussey, and Gaby Maurice for your excellent questions.

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Read more from Deesha Philyaw and Dawnie Walton: 


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