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Member Exclusive: The Business of Publishing—After the Debut

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Hello friends!

This week on Ursa Short Fiction, we’re excited to share a special exclusive episode for our Members: Part Two in our ongoing conversation about the business of publishing.

In Part One of our series last season, Deesha Philyaw and Dawnie Walton discussed all the aspects of building a career as a writer and artist. And now, in Part Two, they talk honestly and openly about what happens *after* you publish your first book.

Following the publication of Deesha’s debut collection The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, and Dawnie’s debut novel The Final Revival of Opal & Nev, they reflected on the roller coaster ride of publicity and promotion, film and TV deals, and the questions about “what’s next?”

DAWNIE: “It was a very exciting time for me, but it also was a time of anxiety because I felt very proud of Opal & Nev, but I also was just like, ‘Am I ever gonna be able to do something like this again?’”

DEESHA: “My own expectations were pretty low, but I think there’s a lesson there, and it goes to the things we can control. That’s where I try to set my intentions and my expectations and my emotional investment. I try to put as much in the things that I can control, and not so much in the things I can’t control—which doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect me. But just trying to stay mindful of that because if we stress out about readers’ expectations, publishers’ expectations…we’ll never write anything.”

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